The programme of Photo+Adventure includes many highlights. Details of the supporting programme are available on the German website and its shop only (as most workshops and seminars will be held in German!), but here is some general information on Photo+Adventure activities and what else is on offer:

Presentations on stage at „Kraftzentrale“

The big trade show hall „Kraftzentrale“ includes two stage areas. One stage in the back of the exhibition hall is equipped with sufficient seats for you to sit down and relax. Here you’ll find short presentations of about 30 minutes each throughout the day. This is where you’ll hear the news about the latest equipment, get inspired for your next travel adventures and find out about foreign cultures and traditions. Pavel Kaplun bei der Photo+Adventure 2015

Then there is an additional photo stage where there will be live shootings, you'll have the chance to develop creative ideas for composing and editing images and you can find out what it’s like to be a professional photographer. The programme will be hosted by Marc Ludwig, founder and CEO of FotoTV., who guides through an action-packed day full of photo shooting sessions, interviews and talks on a variety of photo-related topics.

All the action taking place in Kraftzentrale is included in the trade show admission fee.

Photo exhibitions

There are always interesting photo exhibitions at "Kraftzentrale". In 2018 we will have different topics from nature to travel photography. The winning photos from Photo+Adventure photo competition 2018 titled "Friendship" will also be exhibited here. Here's an overview of the photo exhibition programme (German only - sorry).

Admission to the photo exhibitions is included in the trade show admission fee.

On top of that, several exhibitors offer demonstrations and shootings at their booth, rent equipment and you’re invited to shoot alongside with them and question them for tips and tricks.


There are a multitude of specials taking place during Photo+Adventure weekend. In 2014, highline pro Bernhard Witz thrilled us by balancing on a slack line in 50m height. 2015, Alexander Lorrek climbed on a crane just underneath the roof inside the exhibition hall, Pavel Kaplun offered his Art Box, c’t magazine showcased their "Ulbrichtkugel" (integrating sphere) for you to measure the capabilities of your camera sensor and there was lots going on at various other booths. In 2016 there also were many interesting activities and visitors were invited to take their turn on the zip line that crossed the trade show hall in about 10 meters height. As the zip line was pretty frequented it was repeated 2017 - free of charge, of course. Let's see what we come up with in 2018...


In the seminars our experts will teach you details about topics like camera and shooting techniques, image editing and different specialized topics. You’ll find inspiration for composing scenes and get an insight on the professionals’ workflows.

Seminars are subject to a charge and will take place in various buildings on the grounds of the Landschaftspark.

Multivision presentation

At the presentation area which is located in the „Kraftzentrale“, Pavel Kaplun will take you on a fascinating journey on Saturday evening in 2018. His multivision show about Texas will take you all across the spectacular country. A very enjoyable 2 hour ride...

The lecture is held in German and subject to charge.

Photo Walks

We offer several photo walks through the park, they are guided by skilled photographers that know the area well and will take you to the best photo spots. These walks are available during day and night time, however, there's only one photo walk in English currently being planned for 2018. Please check out our shop for details.


In the many workshops that are being offered you are the one called to action, as this is where you have to do the work. Whether you’re a beginner, advanced or professional you’ll find exactly the workshop suited for you!

Hochzeitsfotografie-WorkshopPhotography: Learn from the pros and try out everything for yourself. You’ll find workshops about image editing and all sorts of photographic topics such as portrait, glamour, fashion, studio lighting, reportage, industry, macro, panorama, light painting, sports & action and more. Expand and deepen your own knowledge!

Outdoor: Visit the climbing park of the DAV (Deutscher Alpen Verein) for beginners and advanced climbing courses for kids and adults. Join the climbing tour through the ropes park and high up on top of the old furnace with power-ruhrgebiet. Test your limits and gather new perspectives! Together with the diving instructors from TauchRevierGasometer you can discover the underwater world in the huge old gas storage that now is Europe’s largest indoor dive center. Join the team for your first test dive, adventure dives or take part in our seminar about underwater photography.

The workshops are subject to a charge.